Saturday, February 23, 2008

Freebies List!

When looking for digital elements, I like the grungy look. I like to have my digi-elements look real. I like it when people can't tell that it's digital until they READ that it is! :D I've seen a lot of elements, and below is my complete list (to date) of where I find my digi-goodies! One of these days I'm gonna put the digi-actions I have to good use and make some digi-freebies of my own. I've got so many ideas! :D

  • Scrap Matters (super friendly folks and lovely freebies!)
  • Digital Diva Designs
  • Digital Freebies {dot} com (If you sign up for the newsletter, you will be emailed when there is a new freebie - usually every Friday. If you don't sign up..then you have to pay to access their archives. They've got some amazing freebies!)
I organize mine by folder & the site I got them. It makes it easier to credit that way. In each folder I have a sub-folder that lists the collections name. Along with that I have the preview listed, so I know what the kit looks like, it makes it for easier selection (see example below). Because my computer has crashed before..I'm super sensitive when it comes to losing I zip all my freebies up & burn them onto a CD. You can also get a USB stick & put them on there!

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The Birch Family said...

I just happened (luckily) on your blog! Thanks for posting all the freebies' sites! I'm a DS Newbie and so addicted! Again, TFS! -Michelle