Thursday, February 7, 2008

One down.....

I managed to muster up enough creativity to produce this LO today. Me, DH, My little brother & his wife in San Francisco. LOVE Frisco, they did too! :D They couldn't get over how big and squished everything was!

Digi elements are as follows:
  • Turquoise Paper: Atomic Cupcake "Xavier"
  • Brown Doted Paper: Atomic Cupcake "Xavier"
  • Cardboard Paper: Atomic Cupcake "Office Scraps"
  • Stitches: Atomic Cupcake "Xavier"
  • Tab: Atomic Cupcake "Xavier"
  • Fonts: Times New Roman & Xerography
  • Tag: Atomic Cupcake "Play With Me"
  • Rik Rac Ribbon: Atomic Cupcake "Deliriously Yours"

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