Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I was tagged by Happy Scrap Girl! I don't even know if I *KNOW* 7 people on here...lol...but i'll do my best!

Ok - are 7 random things about me:

1.) I was born in Rimini, Italy. I don't remember it at all...but as a result, I am a duel citizen. (Italy & the US)

2.) I can't stand mushy girl movies (I've never seen The Notebook..and I'm TOTALLY fine with that!), I'd rather see a sci-fi ~ action movie!

3.) While in my mom's belly (in Italy)...I was blessed by the Pope.

4.) I watch "Friends" when I scrap, and can pretty much recite it word for word....

5.) I am a TOTAL night owl!

6.) When I was little, my father was stationed in England - Lakenheath AFB ....and while there, met & have pictures of Prince Charles.

7. ) I have a goal to visit every state by the time I die!

I've tagged:

(and that's it!)


Lisa said...

thanks for tagging me! :)

your tags are awesome! i'm totally going to download them!

altered geisha said...

Gorgeous...beautiful,......simply cool!!

Love the colours and the designs..am going to try to print them onto cardstock as I'm a paper scrapper!

Thanks xxxx

Anke said...

these are so cool! Thank you. Born in Rimini? I used to vacation in Gatteo a Mare during my childhood. I've been to Rimini! Wish I was there now!