Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A couple of LO's

With the Design Star contest winding down, one of their last assignments was to host a challenge. These ladies really out-did themselves and it got me in a scrappy mood! I haven't scrapped this much in a LONG while! I wish I could have participated in all of them, but I just couldn't find the time! Here are a few of my pages!

[credits here]

"I miss this"

[credits here]

"Irish Girls..."

[credits here]

"My ABC's"

[credits here]

"My 1st Puppy"
[credits here]

"Pebble Beach"
[credits here]

"Road Trip"
[credits here]


Andrea said...

Did you see that your Road Trip LO was a Gallery Standout??


You are not only a fabulous designer, but an incredible scrapper, too!!

Jen Wolff said...

Holy cow Wendy! Ilve every single last Lo! Just beyootiful!

Kayla said...

Just wanted to say I love all of the LO's you posted here!

But, there was one that really touched my heart..and that was the "I miss this" LO.
I am also from the Bay Area and I miss it so much too. I am currently in Arizona (which I hate), and I wish I could go back there too. However, my reasons are the same as yours..the cost of living sucks! lol.

Anyways, enough of my stories lol...GREAT JOB ON THE LO's :) Loveeeeee them.