Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scrapping Trick/Tip: Using the Wand to Select Alphas

Hi everyone, this is Liz bringing you your tip today. Okay for my tip I am sharing something that I learned on a scrapping forum on how to deal with sheet alphas and selecting individual letters. I love the convenience of having one file with all my letters but using the marquee tool to select around all of them became tedious.  Until someone said they use the magic wand to select them.  It is so much easier.  Here are some screenshots of how I do this.  I have Wendy’s Vintage Summer Bonus Alphas in Photoshop and I select my Magic Wand tool:wendy-tip-#1

I set the tolerance at 255, anti-alias is checked, contiguous checked, sample all layers unchecked: wendy-tip-#2

Now just click on which letter you want to use and you should see marching ants:wendy-tip-#3

Now just simply cut and paste it onto your layout.  Now if you want to use a letter with more than one part such as the i, j, or ?, simply select the add to selection in the wand tool and select both parts of the letter/symbol and follow the above cut and paste steps:wendy-tip-#4

And there you go, a quick way to use those sheet alphas without the marquee tool.

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