Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hey y'all!!! Welcome to the WM[squared] Blog Train!! I didn't have a spare second to whip up a template for you (boo, I know!), but my team has more than made up for that! By the time you stop on all the blogs, you'll have picked up 18 templates!! Trust me, you dont wanna miss out on this train!! I hope you have a blast! And dont forget, today (June 16th) and tomorrow (June 17th), my entire store (excluding Collabs & Sweet Deals) will be 34% off!! So go through your wish list, and go shopping! My team also has a bunch of games & RAK's for you to participate in, and if you're a winner, you'll get a gift card to my shop!

Your first stop is Heather - and i've also posted the master list, should you "derail". Enjoy & Be sure to say hi & thanks to all my gals!

  1. Heather:
  2. Jennifer:
  3. Heidi:
  4. Tiff:
  5. Liz:
  6. Jenny:
  7. Tanya:
  8. Kate:
  9. Heather:
  10. Ami:
  11. Erica:
  12. Kendall:
  13. Rach:
  14. Whit:
  15. Vicki:
  16. Kim:
  17. Niki:
  18. Sarah:


scrappurple said...

Happy Birthday Wendy!!!! You are an amazing woman that I am soooo glad God created and let me know! Have an amazing day!!!

Cyndi146 said...

Happy Birthday Wendy! Great blog train! thank you for being so generous :) Big hugs to you today.

davsar said...

Happy Birthday Wendy!! Hope you have an awesome day and a fantastic year!

Tiff said...

Woot! Happy Birthday girl!! You rock!

WM[squared] Designs said...

thanks gals!! you're the best!! <3

~BridgetL~ said...

Happy birthday. thanks for putting together such an awesome blog train :)

RA said...

Awesome blog train, happy birthday!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Wendy!!! The blog train was great. You team has once again out done themsleves. Thanks for your and their generosity.

RealRach said...

Happy Birthday Boss! XO
Hope your day is AMAZING!
Love your talent and your spirit!

Rebecca said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wendy!! Hope you have an awesome day and thanks for the blog train. It rocks!!

GlitterQueen said...

Happy birthday and thanks for the great blog train!

stacy said...

Thanks so much to you and your team, Wendy!!! And happy birthday to you---hope it's a fantastic one!!!

Nikki Martin said...

Happy Birthday!!! Awesome blog train!!! Off to shop now!!

NanaScraps said...
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NanaScraps said...

Happy Birthday Wendy hope you had a wonderful day.

well I tried to leave some comments but for some reason I couldn't so I thought I would thank each and everyone on this train for their wonderful templates
so thank you ladies for some really wonderful templates...

WM[squared] Designs said...

thanks for your kind words ladies!!! glad you're enjoying the blog train!! xoxo Wendy

virginiajen said...

Just rode the train, thanks everyone! Al the templates look fantastic!

virginiajen said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday Wendy!

hoopesfam4 said...

WOW!! Thank you ladies SO MUCH for all the amazing templates!! You gals ROCK my world!!

And...happy belated birthday Wendy!! Hope it was super special!!

jessa said...

Hope you had an wonderful birthday Wendy! Thank you to every designer for such an awesome blogtrain. My apologies for not leaving each of you a comment of thanks but modem issues means I've "borrowed" internet for a very short time and I wanted to make sure I got all the templates before I missed out. They are all so fabulous THANK YOU!

mmikes said...

Happy belated birthday. My birthday was June 18 so I really enjoyed the templates. They are all fabulous.

scrappyt said...

Happy Belated birthday Wendy!!! Thank you to you and your team for the generous template train gifties!

fdgtgrl said...

Thank you for this Blog Train ...
Sincerely, fdgtgrl.