Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Freebie!!

Happy Labor Day weekend to all my fellow Americans! And of course, happy weekend also to the rest of the world too.

I have another little freebie for everyone to play with. This one is a simple template. It's ready to be embellished and jazzed up with some of Wendy's fab goodies. Check out the preview here and click the link below to download. Enjoy! Download quickly though, this freebie will only be up for about a week or so.

(Oh, and I did include both .pngs and a .psd in this download. Hopefully everyone can use one of those two formats.)
-- Melody

(Download Expired)


Rebecca said...

Awesome template! Thank you so much!!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful template.

Tami said...

Th♥nk you for the's so nice of you to share.

Lil Miss Persephone said...

thanks for the gorjus freebies, love your templates - this one is a ripper! Have a great weekend

cherylzyx said...

Love it, thank you!