Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Tip: Journaling Made Easy

Hi everyone! I'm very excited to be here this week to share a few journaling tips with you! Over and over, I see people around digi-land talk about how difficult journaling is for them! Journaling is something that I love to see on my own pages so here are some of the tips that help me when I journal!

1. As you approach your journaling, ask yourself what information might help someone looking at the page understand what is going on ... what is the story that you want your page to convey? What information is missing from your photos that you could make clear with journaling. If you were going to show the photos to someone, what would you be telling them about the photos? This is the type of information that you want to include on your pages!

2. Tell a story that describes the details about the event or situation that you're creating a page about. Get the details out onto the page because that is what really adds interest to your pages. That is the information that future viewers of your pages might be curious about and be looking for while reading your pages.

3. Give heartfelt journaling a try. Instead of focusing on who/what/where/when, write about how a person or situation makes you feel. Get the emotion out by just writing ... you can always go back and edit later! Do not worry about punctuation or grammar ... just get it onto the page. The great thing about digital scrapbooking is that you have such flexibility when it comes to editing. You can always delete or make changes with just the pressing of a button!

4. Use a quote or song lyrics as a starting point for your journaling. Sometimes a quote or song captures our feelings or thoughts about something perfectly so use that as a way to begin your journaling. Then, expand on that quote or song in order to convey your thoughts and feelings.

I hope that you've found these tips helpful as you journal on your own pages ... Have a great weekend!

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