Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Tip: Inspiration Points

Happy Saturday! I hope that everyone is doing well! I thought that it might be nice to talk about ways to find inspiration for your scrapping! I've been in a bit of a funk lately, finding it difficult to be inspired to actually sit down and scrapbook! For the times when this happens, I have a number of places that I tend to go for inspiration ...

Inspiration Point #1

Digital scrapbooking galleries are a great place to head for inspiration! I find the ScrapMatters gallery to be fantastic! There are so many different styles represented and everyone is so friendly there! I always find something there that just jumps out at me! Other galleries I'd recommend are Log Your Memory (very focused on telling your stories from your day to day life!) and DigiShopTalk (VERY large gallery so there are a lot of layouts which can feel overwhelming if you're not looking for sheer volume!).

Inspiration Point #2 

One word - FLICKR!  Flickr is a fantastic resource for the digital scrapbooker seeking out inspiration! It is an online photo management and sharing site that has a ton of beautiful photography to look at and be inspired by! ScrapMatters has a group on Flickr that always inspires me and I can always find beautiful photographs at the Shutter Sisters and Pioneer Woman Action groups! You'll find amazing color combination's, beautiful photographs and fantastic digital scrapbook pages ... all in one place!

Inspiration Point #3

Another resource you might want to look into are the gallery standout blogs out in digi land. There are a few that I often check out when in need of some inspiration. I recommend the following - Gallery Standouts, Me So Scrappy and ScrapMatters Gallery Standouts

Inspiration Point #4

One of my favorite ways to be inspired is to just put a random term into google image search and see what I unearth! I'll put in the word love or truth, for example, and then get hundreds of inspiring images! Try it ... it's fantastic!

Inpsiration Point #5

Last but not least ... look to advertisements, fashion and other forms of media! Pay attention as you read magazines, watch television and surf the web! There are thousands of cool ads that might inspire you in some way - you the layout of a page, title work, or even a color scheme!

I hope that this list of inspiration points has been useful for you ... we'd love to hear about YOUR go-to inspiration points, be sure to leave a note in the comments! Have a great weekend everyone!

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