Saturday, September 17, 2011

CT Spotlight - Heidi

  • Name: Heidi
  • Favorite WM[squared] Kit: School Days - The College Years - Bundle - Having older kids, I don't need crayons and colored pencils anymore, so this kit is PERFECT!
  • Why do you Scrap? To remember the little things I will forget years down the road.
  • How do you describe your scrapping style? Paper/cluster
  • Favorite LO at the moment: 
  • Random Fact about you: I don't want my girls to grow up any more. I want to stop time right now and freeze my family forever. 
  • If you had words of wisdom to share as CT Lead, What would you say? Being a CT member is first a job, not a privilege. Our work is to support and promote the designer. Do what is required of you with a cheerful heart. If you don't think you can make the requirements, then don't try out for the team. We want the CT to be a fun, exciting, rockin' place. 
  • How long have you been with the team? Not sure??? Ami how long have you been on? I think I came on after you?
Now when I asked Heidi about how long she's been on the team,  I thought she'd have a numerical answer.   I guess we'll just have to settle on the fact that she's been here for a while.  Thanks for keeping us under control Heidi!

Thanks for tuning into this month's CT Spotlight!

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