Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scrapping Tip/Trick: Effect or Layer Style Duplication PSE7

Have you ever snagged a great template that came pre-shawdowed?  Well I know that there are a ton of templates at WM[squared]'s store at ScrapmattersTake Be Inspired - Ami - Templates for example.  I love template number 4 but I usually like to put a personal spin it.  Today I've added an additional photo.  But I want to have it shadowed like the other photos in the template.
Here's how I went about doing that using PSE7:
1. Select a layer that has the effects that you wish to copy
2. Select Layer>Layer Style>Copy Layer Style
3. Select the layer you need to add the effect too
4. Select Layer>Layer Style>Paste Layer Style
And you're done.  No more opening the effects, writing down the setting & trying to duplicate them yourself.  Easy Peasy copy and paste works for layer style duplication.

As an added bonus today- I just learned how to use a scroll wheel to zoom in and out of a layout.  This can be done going Edit>Preferences>General and making sure your Zoom with scroll wheel is selected.
Happy Scrapping!

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