Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tips and Tricks: Save, save, save!

Hey all!  Jewelle here with a scrapbooking tip for the day.  As digi scrappers we have all heard save, save, save, and save some more!  No one wants to be the poor soul who loses all their supplies, pictures, or layouts because they have not been backing up.  But have you found that this can take a lot of time away from more important things?  I've found something that helps me backup and get it done fast is to have a quick and simple routine.   I thought I would share with you my short routine that I go through at the end of each month.  I back up the following things:
  1. All pictures taken during the month.
  2. All layouts created.
  3. Any supplies I have bought.
  4. Purge my supplies for things I don't want anymore.
I find that by taking just an hour or so to do these things once a month I give myself peace of mind, and I don't spend FOREVER getting it done.  If I had {and I'm sure most of you do!} an external hard drive I would do this on a weekly basis and get my saving done even faster.  I hope you all take some time to find a routine to backup over the next few days and enjoy creating layouts worry free!

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