Friday, August 13, 2010

Newest Goodies!

This past week has been full of surprises & blessings! I got a call around 3am on Sunday from my brother, he and my SIL were on their way to the hospital! My lil nephew wanted to make an early appearance! And appearance he did! On 8-9-10 (lol) @ 3:44am MST he came into the world! His name is Parker, and he's got to be the cutest lil thing on the earth. Of course, I say that with a bit of a biased opinion, I am the auntie after all. Unfortunately, they live in Arizona, so I have to wait until September to see him in person...BUT, both my brother & I have iPhone 4's, so we've been creating our own little Apple commercials!

Oh yes, the reason why you're here! New goodies! ha! I've been a little lazy this week, but I do have 3 all new products for you! A template set, a date stamp set & a fun the goodies!

The Inspiration
Grab the templates: here!

Simply Dated - V.11
Easy to recolor!
Grab the date stamps: here!

Clear As Mud - Alpha
A Fun & Funky Brown Glass Alpha!
Grab the Alpha: here!

Want a lil CT inspiration? Look no further!
Until next week!
Happy Scrapping!

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