Saturday, June 26, 2010

Scrapping Tip/Trick: Easy Layer Duplication

Hey all!  Jewelle here to bring you a tip/trick that I just can't live without!  I'm the kind of gal that loves shortcuts, so when I learned this one a few months ago I got up and did a happy dance.  This tip/trick is that good!  I few ladies I told about this, swore it was one of their favorite tip/trick too!  I've found that not to many people know how to do this time saving technique, so I thought it would be the perfect tip/trick to share.  So get ready to save some time!

When scrapping I do a lot of duplicating of elements and papers.  I don't know what scrapper doesn't duplicate something every once in awhile.  Here is my ultra speedy way to get some duplicating done!

  1. Activate the layer you want to duplicate.
  2. Now hold down the Alt key while your mouse is hovering over the element or paper you want to duplicate. A double arrow should appear.
  3. While still holding down the Alt key click on your element or paper.
  4. Slide your mouse to the side while still holding down the Alt key.
  5. Release both Alt and your mouse.  
  6. You should now have an exact duplicate of the original ready to move wherever your heart desires.
As far as I know this tip/trick works in all versions of Photoshop including PSE.  I'm unsure about any other programs.  I hope you enjoy using this quick and simple way to duplicate layers!


Annisa said...

I use PS 7 and simply hit "control J" to duplicate layers. I hadn't heard of your method before, but it sounds handy! Thanks for sharing!

justclick said...

Thanks for your tip! I had to go try it out right away and it worked for me, PSE8 on Mac. I'll use this all the time now.